EXPO Guest Artists



Curl On! Styling and Cutting Natural Textures

When describing Becky Borman's approach to Hair Styling and Fashion these phrases come to mind.... Showcasing Natural Inner and Outer Beauty, Embracing Texture, Effortless Looks, Low-Maintenance Long Lasting Styles. While working with clients over the last 17 years, from Boulder to San Francisco, and now in Denver, Becky enjoys helping individuals find their personal style, using what's given naturally to create the best version imaginable. Her expertise in Styling & Cutting Natural Textures has allowed Becky to teach others how to Free their Curls with Curl Pride and Curl Confidence. Becky keeps her haircutting style "Fresh" by continually challenging herself to grow as a stylist. She's taken classes in New York at Bumble and Bumble, in Los Angeles with Nick Arrojo, as well as ongoing current classes with Pony Studios Education in San Francisco. Becky will bring "Fresh Ideas in Curly Hair Styling" to the stage at the Rocky Mountain Beauty and Wellness EXPO. Recently re-locating to Denver from San Francisco, Becky has joined Goldie x Bob, located in the RiNo District in Denver and continues to make regular guest appearances at Wabi Sabi Beauty in San Francisco.



Staci entered the beauty industry 13 years ago and has never looked back. Staci started her career in Joshua Tree, California where she got her love for nature and everything inspired by nature.  This is manifested in her work by appreciating natural texture and natural beauty.  Upon relocating to San Francisco, Staci honed her skills and found her style, creating what she calls "Effortless Beauty".  Staci has trained over the years with the likes of beauty industry rockstars such as Vidal Sassoon, Arrojo NYC and most recently Pony Education.  She has also served as an educator with Davines North America.  Her unique techniques for cutting hair is sought after by many and Staci enjoys empowering women to work with and embrace their natural texture. Staci's inspiration comes from many things including nature, music, history and fashion.   She likes to create effortless looking hair which translates to a cool, laid back style.  Staci will share her expertise in cutting and styling thoughout the day on the Expo Floor where you can get up close to see her techniques.



Jason is a Learning Engagement Artistic Manager for 

Pivot Point International.  Sharing Pivot Point education globally as a stylist and licensed Cosmetology and Barbering Instructor is a dream come true for Jason. His goal when working with students, stylists and instructors around the world is to ignite passion for the beauty industry and provide each one with a phenomenal educational experience that will lead to a long and prosperous career. The greatest joy that he experiences from his job comes from helping thousands of beauty professionals hone their creativity and practical skills. Jason has facilitated trainings at all major events: ISSE, ABS, Premier, Creative Jam, CEA and AACS. He is involved with on-set production for Pivot Point educational materials and global trend releases. His work has been featured in Modern Salon Magazine and you can see Jason's work up close on the Expo Floor at the Rocky Mountain Beauty & Wellness EXPO!

Wellness Lounge Guest Presenters




Beauty and Wellness Expert 
Shares Wabi Sabi Beauty Tips

Kristina Welzien is the Visionary and Founder of 

Wabi Sabi Beauty - San Francisco, CA

After 17 years of practicing as a beauty and wellness professional I see there’s an opening and opportunity to have what I call ‘a slow service’. As a human race, we've gotten pretty speedy and I don't imagine it slowing down anytime soon. So to have an environment where services are being provided with a holistic approach, allows for people to get connected to their body and what they're needing on all levels--the whole person meaning mind, body, and spirit.


Wabi Sabi Beauty is an expression, a style, a taste of sour and sweet, a flash of bright light and low light. WSB is an experience. WSB to me, is when we can see, feel and celebrate all that makes us a whole being: body, spirit and mind. WSB can be experienced when our inner and outer beauty unites and dances together.

Kristina will be presenting several presentations in the Wellness Lounge thoughout the day. Be sure to spend some time in the Wellness Lounge to 'slow down' and 'breathe'......



Holistic Health Coach

Leslie Gail is a Holistic Health Coach, published Author and essential oil educator. She travels the country educating and empowering others with how to incorporate natural solutions for long term health.  She is an expert contributor to Curejoy with over 9 million subscribers and offers regular LIVE videos offering tips and strategies to incorporate essential oils for emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

Leslie was a regular guest on FOX31 offering natural health tips.  She currently has a global community of over 3.000 people from all over the world who look to her for guidance and education on lowering toxic exposure and improving their health with safer and more effective solutions.  She is currently a Diamond leader with doTERRA with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field helping individuals address their top health goals and create a protocol for wellness. 

Leslie is a mom of two who resides in Denver. Leslie will be presenting on both the Main Stage and the Wellness Lounge Stage sharing health and wellness tips for the entire family. If you are curious about essential oils and would like to get some expert advice on how and what to use you should plan some time to sit with her and listen to her presentations. You will leave empowered and educated with the tools to improve your wellness and be the healer in your own home. 



Inspiring the Creative Soul to Learn

Inspirational teaching methods designed to engage the heart and the head for a more fulfilling teaching and learning experience. The participant will learn to explore inspirational teaching techniques, such as metaphors, analogies and right brain exercises that can be used in the classroom and on the student salon to enhance the learning experience. 

Lenita Griffis Browning is the president of Browning Salon & Beauty Consulting, an organization for the growth of beauty, barber, and skin care and cosmetics industry professionals. Her past career positions include Cosmetology Department Chairman for Remington College in Columbia, SC. and Director of Education and Technical Product Development for multiple manufacturers as a textured hair expert.   As a platform artist and lecturer, Lenita has been a guest artist and educator for trade shows and educational programs throughout the world. She is a Methods of Teaching provider in the state of South Carolina. The culmination of corporate, school, and salon experiences give her particular insight for teachers, managers, stylists and students of the beauty industry that she shares with passion and humor.

Lenita will present 4 hours of quality instruction specifically designed for educators. Join other educators on May 17, 2020 from 8:00am - 12:00pm in the Wellness Lounge for this special Milady Methods Class. Class fee is $55 and also includes an admission ticket to the EXPO! 

Start your day early for some inspiration and join us before the EXPO opens for this very special methods class. Breakfast items, coffee and tea available for purchase from the on-site caterer.  


 Attendee will receive a certificate that will fulfill the NACCAS requirement  of 4 hours of teaching methodology.  


 to learn more or to register and reserve your space!